Unit 1 Assessment (Draft)

As I learn about art, stories, and how cultures change, here are some things I want to understand better:

  1. Art Appreciation: I want to understand how art reflects and shapes our beliefs and culture, appreciating the details that make it unique.

  2. Story Evolution: I’m curious about how old stories change over time, like how Buddha’s image transformed or how we started seeing dragons differently.

  3. Storytelling Basics: I want to know more about why we love stories, from fairy tales to myths, and how they connect us across different cultures.

  4. Snake Stories: I’m interested in why snakes are in so many stories and what they mean to people. It’s fascinating how they’ve stuck around in our imaginations.

  5. Fairy Tale Fun: I want to dig into fairy tales, figuring out why they were told and how they’ve stuck with us. Are they just for fun or do they teach us something?

  6. Art and Dance: I’m exploring how artists express complex ideas, like the fear of snakes, through things like dance. How do ancient stories come alive in modern art?

  7. Jade in China: I’m looking into why jade was so important in ancient China. What did it mean, especially with those jade cicadas in burials?

  8. Creativity Challenges: I’m thinking about how artists, like me, deal with limits and turn challenges into cool art. How do external factors shape what artists create?

  9. Mixing Myths and Fossils: I’m excited to learn from books that mix ancient stories with fossils. How does it work when different areas of knowledge come together?

  10. Global Storytelling: Lastly, I want to explore how stories travel across different cultures. What makes a good story that people from everywhere can enjoy?

As I learn more about these things, I hope to see a bigger picture of how art and stories connect us all.


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