Unit 1 Assessment (Draft) 3


1. Research Overview:

  • Purpose: Understand the evolution of myths and cultural symbols.
  • Method: Read books and studies on anthropology, art history, and mythology.
  • Record: Summarize key findings on how stories and symbols change over time.

2. Theoretical Framework:

  • Purpose: Use theories from anthropology and art to guide the research.
  • Method: Combine ideas from different fields to analyze cultural transformations.
  • Record: Write down the chosen theories and how they relate to art and culture.

3. Observation and Conversations:

  • Purpose: See and discuss art and performances related to myths.
  • Method: Attend exhibitions, performances, and talk to artists and experts.
  • Record: Take notes on what you see, hear, and learn from observations and conversations.

4. Interviews and Expert Insights:

  • Purpose: Get opinions from experts to enrich the research.
  • Method: Talk to artists, anthropologists, and cultural historians.
  • Record: Write down what experts say about symbols, myths, and cultural meanings.

5. Artistic Experimentation:

  • Purpose: Apply theories in making art that represents myths and symbols.
  • Method: Try different art techniques and styles.
  • Record: Document the art-making process, including challenges and decisions.

6. Comparing Cultures:

  • Purpose: Look for similarities and differences in myths across cultures.
  • Method: Analyze narratives, artworks, and cultural adaptations.
  • Record: Make a list of what you find common or unique in different cultures.

7. Reflective Journal:

  • Purpose: Keep a personal record of thoughts and insights.
  • Method: Write down reflections regularly.
  • Record: Keep a journal for personal thoughts on the research journey.

8. Documentation and Multimedia:

  • Purpose: Create organized records of the research.
  • Method: Take photos, write reports, and record interviews.
  • Record: Store everything in a database for easy access.

I’m keeping it simple and fun. I’m reading about anthropology, art, and mythology. Then, I’m talking to people, observing things, and making art. It’s like a mix of detective work and being an artist. I want to see how stories and symbols change between different cultures. It’s not just theories; I’m getting hands-on to understand how cultures evolve. Easy peasy, right? Let’s dive into the adventure!

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