Unit 1 Assessment (Draft) 4


I am planning to explore nine distinct topics, each with its own unique theme and significance. As I delve into my research and experimentation, I will consider the evolving nature of the final presentation. It is beneficial to conceptualize the potential form of the ultimate outcome. The topics and their associated outcomes are as follows:

  1. Balance, Harmony, and Rebirth – Phoenix
  2. Tree of Life – Sacred Tree
  3. The Tree, the Fruit, the Carpenter – Dragon
  4. Mother Goddess
  5. Books from the Past
  6. Flood
  7. Manuport
  8. World Creation
  9. Myths of the Underworld – Griffon

As I progress, I will adapt and refine the presentation format, keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the research and experimentation process.  

In detais:

  1. Balance, Harmony, and Rebirth – Phoenix:

    • Consider incorporating vibrant paintings depicting the cyclical nature of rebirth.
    • Explore the use of sketches to highlight the delicate balance symbolized by the mythical Phoenix.
  2. Tree of Life – Sacred Tree:

    • Create intricate drawings illustrating the interconnected branches and roots of the Tree of Life.
    • Experiment with mixed media to convey the sacredness of this universal symbol.
  3. The Tree, the Fruit, the Carpenter – Dragon:

    • Develop detailed drawings showcasing the symbiotic relationship between the dragon, the tree, and the carpenter.
    • Explore the use of symbolism in paintings to convey the narrative intricacies.
  4. Mother Goddess:

    • Utilize paintings to capture the divine essence of the Mother Goddess.
    • Incorporate sketches that emphasize maternal nurturing and protection.
  5. Books from the Past:

    • Integrate visual representations of ancient manuscripts and scrolls into the presentation.
    • Experiment with drawings that evoke the mystique of historical texts.
  6. Flood:

    • Create paintings portraying the power and impact of a catastrophic flood.
    • Utilize sketches to illustrate the resilience and adaptation of civilizations in the face of natural disasters.
  7. Manuport:

    • Showcase drawings and sketches of significant manuports, emphasizing their cultural and historical importance.
    • Incorporate detailed illustrations of the artifacts within the context of their discovery.
  8. World Creation:

    • Utilize artwork to visualize the awe-inspiring act of world creation.
    • Experiment with drawings that depict the diverse landscapes and elements shaping the cosmos.
  9. Myths of the Underworld – Griffon:

    • Craft dark and mysterious paintings to represent the underworld inhabited by the Griffon.
    • Develop intricate sketches that capture the mythical essence of this underworld creature.

As the research progresses, I will remain flexible in adapting the artistic elements to ensure a cohesive and engaging final presentation that reflects the depth and richness of each explored topic.

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