A lively dragon and a strong tiger

Once upon a time in ancient China, there were two special animals – a lively dragon and a strong tiger. The dragon was all about action and brightness, representing the “Yang” side, while the tiger embodied receptiveness and darkness, standing for the “Yin.”

But here’s the twist: instead of fighting, they danced together. The dragon and tiger showed everyone that even though they were different, they could make a great team. It was like a cool dance where their moves perfectly matched, creating a wonderful balance.

Their dance also told a story about how life goes in cycles, like a dance that keeps going. The dragon and tiger taught that change is part of the dance, and each one contributes to the other’s steps, making the dance of life exciting and harmonious.

So, in the ancient tales of China, the dragon and tiger weren’t just cool creatures – they were like dance partners, showing that even in differences, there can be a beautiful rhythm.

  • The earliest taiji I know of dates back to a Western Chou bronze.
  • The dragon and tiger are also astronomical signs. There is a dragon tiger displayed in a tomb that has been carbon dated to 6500 years ago, or 4500BCE.


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