Recording of process. Project -Serpent to Sovereign: The Dragon’s Journey

Recording of process. Project – “Serpent to Sovereign: The Dragon’s Journey”

Introduction: After reading Fraser’s Golden Thread, I felt inspired to opened the door to a multitude of potential forms. I kept it practical by using what I had. I focused on three things: Dragon, Tree, Flood, making them the heart of the “Golden Thread” exhibition. It’s all about showing how thoughts and symbols evolve.

Collecting Objects and Stories: I went from thinking about ideas to doing something with them. I started collecting things and arranged them to tell stories. It’s like moving from just thinking to actually making things.

Using Free Canvases Creatively: Luckily, I had 12 free canvases. I got some scraps from the studio and turned them into a puzzle of 12 squares, 40×40 each. It shows that creativity can happen even with not a lot of stuff.

Symbolism with Colors: I used colors like Brown, Blue, and Gray to represent Wood, Water, and Stone. It’s a simpler way to talk about big ideas like Life, Change, Stability.

Evolution of the Image – From Snake to Good Dragon: I thought more about how symbols change over time. Like how a snake can turn into a monster and then into a friendly dragon. It’s a bit like stories we read, such as “The Reluctant Dragon.”

Making a Dragon from Leftover Fabric: To show how ideas can become real things, I made a dragon from leftover fabric. It’s a practical way of saying, “Look, ideas can turn into something you can touch.”

Recording Thoughts and Adaptation: The project became a way to write down how my thoughts changed in different situations. It’s like a record of how things went from ideas to actual creations.

Upcoming Project – Tree of Life Tapestry: Now, I’m starting a new project – a “Tree of Life” tapestry. This time, I only have squares and a piece of fabric. I set some rules to stay focused.

Conclusion: In simple terms, this project is like a journey from having only a few things and initial thoughts to making something new. The “Golden Thread” exhibition tells stories using objects and symbols, showing how creativity keeps changin…

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