The Rear View: Uncovering the History and Humor of Human Backsides

“The Rear View” is a delightful book that offers a fresh perspective on our backsides, making it a great read to pass the time. I breezed through it in just four hours while waiting for tests at the heart doctor’s office. It’s all about celebrating the curves and shapes, especially when it comes to women’s backsides. With 32 short essays, the book covers everything about this topic, even some of the weirder aspects.

Margaret Crosland and Elfreda Powell did a solid job translating from French to English, but here’s the funny part – the book doesn’t have many pictures. It’s like trying to paint a picture with only a few colors. The pictures it does have are simple, like stick figures.

Nevertheless, “The Rear View” is a hilarious book that sheds light on the history and culture of our backsides. Just a heads up: if you don’t speak French, you might miss some of the jokes.

In short, “The Rear View” is a humorous book that offers a fresh perspective on our bodies.

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