Unit 1 assessment

Learning Outcome 1:

I will create a plan to explore symbolism and creativity inspired by “The Golden Bough.” This involves setting clear goals and steps to achieve them, driven by my curiosity to understand how symbols evolve into tangible forms.

  • Create a Structured Plan: I’ll outline activities like collecting objects, experimenting with colors, and creating artworks, all aimed at exploring symbolism and creativity.
  • Explain My Plan: I’ll justify why each activity is important for my understanding and how it relates to my study statement.
  • Take Charge of My Learning: I’ll be responsible for executing my plan, making adjustments as needed to overcome challenges and pursue new ideas.
  • Explore New Ideas: I’ll actively seek out new perspectives and ideas, staying open-minded and curious throughout my journey.

Recording of process. Project -Serpent to Sovereign: The Dragon’s Journey

Learning Outcome 2: Developing Effective Work Methods

To effectively engage with my research, I’ll establish practical methods that allow me to work independently and thoughtfully.

  • Establish Practical Methods: I’ll find ways to work with the resources I have, like repurposing materials for my artwork.
  • Stay Organized: I’ll prioritize tasks and manage my time effectively to stay focused on my projects.
  • Seek Feedback: I’ll ask for input from others to improve my work and deepen my understanding.
  • Adapt and Learn: I’ll be flexible and willing to try new approaches, using setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow.

A Journey of Sketches and Legends

Learning Outcome 3: Sharing My Understanding Clearly

I’ll communicate what I’ve learned in a clear and understandable way, both verbally and in writing.

  • Explain My Ideas: I’ll use simple language and examples to share my understanding of symbolism and creativity.
  • Listen and Learn: I’ll be open to feedback from others, using it to improve how I communicate my ideas.
  • Adapt to My Audience: I’ll adjust my communication style to fit the needs and interests of different people.
  • Keep Learning: I’ll continue to deepen my understanding and refine my communication skills as I progress in my research.


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