“Tree of Life” tapestry – sketches

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how trees are seen differently in various cultures. It’s amazing how these tall plants hold so much meaning for people worldwide. From stories about the Fusang Tree in China to pictures of the Tree of Life in ancient Egypt, trees seem to mean the same things everywhere: growth, change, and feeling connected to something bigger.

  1. The Fusang Tree from Chinese stories symbolizes new beginnings and growth, believed to grow in the east, representing life and renewal.
  2. Depictions of Ramesses II next to the Sacred Tree of Life in ancient Egyptian art highlight his importance as a ruler and his connection to the gods and nature.
  3. In Chinese culture, the Money Tree is thought to bring wealth and good fortune, serving as a symbol of luck and prosperity.
  4. Traditional Mexican pottery features sculptures of the Tree of Life, originally used to teach Christianity, showcasing how cultures mix and adapt over time.
  5. Beliefs in tree spirits across cultures, especially those associated with fertility and nature, reflect how trees are seen as magical and sacred places.


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