“The Slavic Myths” by Noah Charney

I just finished reading “The Slavic Myths” and wanted to share my thoughts. I was excited to explore ancient Slavic gods and goddesses, but the book mostly focuses on Slavic folktales rather than mythology. It emphasizes vampires and werewolves, which wasn’t what I expected.

The book tries to cover a lot but doesn’t fully succeed. Some characters and myths are briefly mentioned without much detail, which left me puzzled. Important myths and figures are missing, which was disappointing.

It mainly looks at myths from South Slavic regions, which is okay, but this focus could have been clearer from the start. It might not capture the full diversity of Slavic mythology across different cultures.

The book does show extensive research with a big bibliography and notes section. The stories and comments are enjoyable and interesting. However, the book’s broad definition of myth, which includes folklore and fairy tales, surprised me.

I wish the book had more about specific Slavic gods like Vesna, Zorya, and Veles. They’re essential to Slavic mythology but aren’t covered in detail.

Overall, “The Slavic Myths” gives engaging stories and well-researched content but doesn’t deeply explore ancient Slavic mythology. It mixes in folktales and has a broader definition of myth than expected. As an introduction to Slavic lore, it’s a good start but may not satisfy those seeking a comprehensive exploration of the subject.

I read this book to expand my horizons and deepen my knowledge of Slavic mythology, as I wanted to incorporate Slavic motifs into my artwork. However, I found that there was very little information in the book that directly related to the specific deities and symbols I was hoping to learn about. This limited my ability to integrate authentic Slavic elements into my creative projects.

For the time being, my exploration of Slavic symbols is limited to kokoshniks and red apples…

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