“Golden Bough” – The cosmic egg

I have completed my art piece, “Creation of the World.” or “The cosmic egg”. I sewed squares onto coarse fabric, pulling threads from the edges of the same material. It feels as though I have crafted a unique carpet, slightly elevated on a small pedestal. In the future, I might consider how to hang this carpet on the wall. I envision using rough metal hooks, which seem perfectly suited for this purpose.

This is the seventh piece in the “Golden Bough” series. Currently, I am working on a clay figurine of the Mother Goddess. I am also contemplating a work on the flood, though it is evolving in an entirely different direction for me at the moment.

Story of the “The cosmic egg” artwork:

At the dawn of creation, a majestic dragon and an ethereal phoenix, united in a sacred bond, gave birth to an extraordinary egg. This egg, shimmering with untold potential, held within it the essence of life. Whether it was a dragon’s egg or a phoenix’s, none could say. Yet, within this enigmatic shell, a profound mystery awaited. When it hatched, it would birth the universe, or perhaps a divine entity would emerge, destined to weave the very fabric of reality.

In the sacred act of creation, the upper half of the egg, its outer shell, ascended to become the heavens, a celestial firmament arching gracefully above. The lower half, the inner yolk, descended to form the Earth, cradling life in its tender embrace. Thus, from this cosmic egg, the heavens and the Earth were fashioned, each part playing its role in the wondrous birth of existence.


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