Sisters bound not by blood but by the lineage of dragons.

Descendants of the Dragon: The Saga Continues.

Among these chosen ones are two beautiful girls, sisters bound not by blood but by the lineage of dragons. Unaware of their true heritage, they live separate lives, each carrying within them a piece of the dragon’s essence. They share an uncanny resemblance, though they have never met. In the parallel world, one sister soars through the skies with her dragon kin, while the other navigates the complexities of human existence.
“Do you know that you have a dragon sister?” the wind whispers, carrying the echo of their intertwined destinies. “How are you doing there? Have you already confessed your love today? And hugged?”
Separated by realms, yet connected by the invisible threads of fate, these two sisters remain oblivious to each other’s existence. Little do they know, their stories are intertwined, waiting to converge in a tale of love, courage, and the power of destiny.
Their story awaits, nestled within the folds of the parallel world, waiting to be unveiled.

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