Self-organized residency called “15 dragon spirits”

Self-organized residency called “15 dragon spirits”

Inessa’s exploration of dragon symbolism and mythology, sparked by her reading of the Classic of Mountains and Seas, took a profound turn during her self-organized residency titled “15 Dragon Spirits” in Taipei during the summer of 2023. This residency served as a pivotal moment in her artistic journey as she delved into the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

Immersing herself in the vibrant artistic scene of Taipei, Inessa meticulously studied dragon representations in local temples and museums. The residency provided her with a unique opportunity to absorb both visual and textual information about dragons, deepening her understanding of their significance in Chinese folklore and mythology.

One of the highlights of Inessa’s Taipei residency was her careful examination of museum scrolls, uncovering intricate details and nuances in the depictions of dragons. During this process, she stumbled upon a unique type of Chinese paper, which became a pivotal element in her subsequent artistic endeavors.

Motivated by her newfound knowledge and inspired by the cultural wealth surrounding her, Inessa, along with the assistance of her two young daughters who are actively engaged in her creative process, crafted a captivating scroll. This artistic masterpiece, a blend of watercolors and pencils, showcased a series of mesmerizing blue dragons gracefully maneuvering through clouds. The collaborative effort with her daughters added a personal touch to the creation, making the scroll not only a visual representation of dragon mythology but also a reflection of Inessa’s familial bonds and shared creativity.

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