Phoenix—a symbol of rebirth

Noticing the extraordinary in our immediate surroundings is essential. Just four weeks ago, I was completely certain that we were permanently moving to Canada. We had been preparing for this transition for quite some time. Two years ago, I sold off many of my possessions, including my piano. Oil paintings transported to a new apartment in Calgary. It all felt somewhat surreal. However, we ultimately made the decision to stay in Singapore. I am gradually becoming accustomed to this idea, with my health being one of the motivating factors. As I revisit my old journals, I gain wisdom and a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Like all storytellers, I repurpose old narratives for personal benefit. Currently, I am immersed in a new painting featuring the phoenix—a symbol of rebirth. May both the phoenix and I experience renewal, soaring toward the sun and undergoing transformation akin to the Chinese legend of this mythical bird.

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