Performing to the poem by Ibn Sina (avisina)

Performing to the poem by Ibn Sina (avisina) at the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan. 

Descended into you

from on high .. above


a dove

exuding aloofness and

out of your reach



who is out in the open

Hidden from the sight of all that know


who is without  veil


She came to you


yet, perhaps,

will be loath to leave your body

She who exists

to morn


She alighted here but never

settled among us

yet when cam time to move on

she made her home  in the shadows

of the bleakest of ruins


Methinks she  has no recollection of lives she had at home lands

of times of dwellings  past

that she never was convinced

she would leave


Until as she was shackled to the “d” of  descent

and away from the “c” of her center in the vast beyond


She got weighed down  by the “h” of heavy

she found herself among the eradicated

trails and sign posts


Weeping she remembered her days of the home turf

with tears cascading

and have yet to stop


She morns the traces that were

obliterated by repeated blowing

of winds from all four directions


She morns being caught in the thicket of the trap?

Her being restrained by the (rib) cage

from soaring to the most

spacious .. eternal .. Spring


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