Nurturing a flourishing forest within myself

At yesterday’s master class, a remarkable journey unfolded as I embarked on the task of nurturing a flourishing forest within myself. Initially, the sight of this verdant expanse emerging from within me was overwhelming, its wild beauty seeming almost untamed and disorganized. Yet, amidst this initial chaos, there was a deep sense of satisfaction and joy in realizing that this vibrant ecosystem was sprouting from my very core—a fusion of garden, forest, and indoor plants.

Before this transformation, my days were marked by a lingering sadness and a sense of isolation within my rented apartment’s sterile walls. Longing for a connection to the world outside, I found solace in nurturing life within. Now, each morning brings the opportunity to bask in the tranquility of the nearby park, finding comfort in nature’s embrace.

Even mundane tasks like breakfast have taken on new significance, with the newfound freedom to choose whether or not to partake. This autonomy reflects the inner growth I’ve experienced.

As I gaze at the blank canvas before me, I’m filled with purpose and inspiration. I know now what to depict—a sprawling forest, a tranquil garden, and a resilient houseplant—symbols of newfound contentment and connection to the natural world. They serve as a testament to the transformative power of embracing nature within and around us.

“I would probably change the materials for this master class a little,” I suggested. Shifting from conventional supplies, I opted for wrapping paper, tracing paper, and even adhesive paper crafted from the same material. It felt like the perfect choice, offering a unique twist to our creative exploration.

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