Nature of Art Book Launch 2023

The book, titled “Nature of Art,” featured artworks by Inessa Kalabekova and poems by Alice Kalabekova.

Seen thousands of times, the seemingly ordinary sights of Singaporean nature hid stories that were never told. “I loved exploring the nature of the garden city,” shared Inessa. “I enjoyed taking paths less traveled to soak in nature’s visuals, smells, and noises. Together with my family, we loved making up stories about what we saw.”

One day, they spotted butterflies by the lake flying in an unusual manner, as if they could see something hidden from human eyes. “They are not alone. Dragon Number 7 is there too. He is just invisible to earth walkers,” guessed their daughter.

The book and exhibition were an attempt to share these fantasies through the whimsical visual worlds of Inessa’s artworks and the poems by Alice Kalabekova. Bamboos, rustic benches, butterflies, and water lilies of Singapore parks… viewers would never see them the same way again.

Programme highlights included:

  • Surprising stories from the artist on how the ordinary sights of Singapore parks inspired the creation of whimsical artworks.
  • Mesmerizing recitations of artworks-inspired poems by the 12-year-old author.
  • A hunt for dragons and mythical creatures hidden in the artworks.



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