What is intriging me?

I’m sitting in our kitchen in Uzbekistan, surrounded by family – my dad, his new wife, and my brother, with whom things are tense. I just got back to university after a three-week break. While chatting with classmates on Zoom about our upcoming coursework, we also touched on our artistic interests. But just as I was about to share, my headphones stopped working, leaving me silent. Now, in the quiet morning hours, I think about these missed chances to connect.

I’m really into history mysteries, how our lives twist and turn unexpectedly. Ancient artifacts in museums really catch my eye; they seem to hold secrets and watch us silently. The beauty of old statues compared to today’s world is something I think about a lot. I’m curious about the rituals they were part of and the people who made or owned them. I love diving into stories from ancient times, imagining the people behind them. The way old chants became famous Greek tales over time is fascinating. It makes me wonder who these stories were meant for and how they’ve lasted so long.


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