Interim show: MA Fine Art Digital 2024

Interim show: MA Fine Art Digital, London 2024

“See it. Say it. Unsorted.” presented work from across MA Art and Science, MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies, MA Fine Art, and MA Fine Art Digital. It showcased the diverse range of practices and perspectives of over 100 Year 1 students, midway through their MA programs.

The title was a reference to the London transport poster campaign (“See it. Say it. Sorted.”) that encouraged vigilance and reporting for safety. However, for this exhibition, the paternalistic address of the original campaign was challenged and inverted. It invited viewers to come and see what the students had created, tell them what they thought, but without expecting a series of neat conclusions. The exhibition was not a full stop; it did not try to resolve things or impose a unified perspective. Instead, it proposed a process of disorder, a cacophony of voices where difference was valued, and intellectual risk was encouraged.

The curators resisted the impulse to tidy up what was shown, offering an exhibition as complex and messy as the world we live in.

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