Perfomance at the Japanese Cemetery, Singapore

In the quiet morning of a Japanese cemetery, my dance is like a nod to the past. Each step is a way of saying, “I remember you.” Dressed in simple, respectful clothes, I move with a soft rhythm, honoring the stories written in the stones.

The space, filled with memories, deserves a kind of quiet dance. It’s not fancy; it’s a simple way of showing respect for the people who came before us. The dance speaks quietly about gratitude for what they went through and the things they left for us to learn.

As people walk around, I hope my dance helps them feel the weight of history and the importance of remembering. The video isn’t just a recording; it’s a way to hold onto the respect we have for the stories that happened long ago. In the morning dance, I want to share a simple truth — that remembering where we come from is like a gentle dance, a way of saying thanks for what we have and passing it on to the next chapter.


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