Stories of Nezha and Kuan-Yin, perfomance at the exibition

I found myself in an art exhibition featuring stories of Nezha and Kuan-Yin. Despite the modern setting, the tales of bravery and mythical beauty struck a chord with me.

With just an hour and a half and armed with my mother’s old pearls, I decided to improvise. Focusing on Kuan-Yin, a Chinese princess and Buddhist goddess, I explored a legend where she saved the Dragon King’s son, Shancai, from a fisherman. In gratitude, the Dragon King gave her a bright pearl.

In the unfolding story, Nezha wanted to learn from Kuan-Yin. She tested him with illusions of monsters chasing her. In a bold move, Nezha threw himself off a cliff to dispel the illusions. Kuan-Yin stepped in, saved him, and Nezha became her devoted follower.

From the viewpoint of an artist and dancer, this spontaneous performance blended ancient tales, modern art, and personal expression. It echoed themes of bravery, compassion, and the power of selfless acts through movement and storytelling. 

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