An instinct for Dragons by David E. Jones

Just Finished an Intriguing Read. An instinct for Dragons by David E. Jones 

As I closed the final chapter of this book, I couldn’t help but feel like I’d embarked on an adventure as an anthropological detective. 

This book delved deep into the fascinating world of dragons, those mythical creatures that have captured human imagination for eons. Did you know that dragons are often depicted as a blend of the eagle’s strength, the leopard’s agility, and the snake’s serpentine allure? But here’s a thought: could the horns and scales of some dragon species really have been lost through evolution? 
The author’s exploration of the Tree of Life as a universal symbol was a delightful twist in a book primarily about instinct and dragons. It got me thinking: there might be more to this symbolism than meets the eye.
Snakes, Primates, and Evolution 
Lynn Isbell, an anthropologist at the University of California, Davis, proposed a remarkable idea. She suggests that snakes and primates share a long and intertwined history, a battle for supremacy that forced both groups to adapt and develop new strategies. Early primates honed their ability to perceive color, detail, movement, and 3D vision—essential skills for detecting threats up close. And guess what? Humans share a lineage with these very same primates. 
Perhaps modern research by biologists and anthropologists could unveil even deeper connections between this symbol and the human psyche. 



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