Gothic Dance Under the Yellow Witness ” poem and performance by Inessa Kalabekova, the National Gallery, Singapore

A big yellow thing hangs from the ceiling high,
Not done yet, just waiting in the sky.
I’m close by but can’t touch, wrong time, wrong place,
Journalists surround, in a crowded space.
I was dancing in the museum, a spontaneous act,
As journalists arrived for a preview, a sudden fact.
Spotlight on me, attention came my way,
Not a famous artist, just dancing in a playful display.


In a beautiful Gothic dress, I spun and swayed,
Caught in their lenses, my moment portrayed.
Not a performer renowned, nor an artist of fame,
Yet, in that moment, the spotlight became my name.


The big yellow thing above, a silent witness high,
As I danced in a museum, under an unexpected sky.
A blend of tropics and Gothic, a scene so rare,
In the journalists’ eyes, a story to share.
Proven art around, but a change in me to come,
Cloaked in that dress, where stories begun.
In the gallery of life, a canvas yet untold,
A tale in the making, as moments unfold.


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