For me, being creative means total freedom and self-understanding

Living in Singapore for 18 years has its challenges, especially the routine of confirming my stay every two years. This process makes it clear that where I live isn’t entirely up to me. It adds a unique twist to my life as a creator.

For me, being creative means total freedom and self-understanding. My art is like a mirror reflecting who I am, a way of accepting myself. Unlike strict logic, my creativity comes from being sincere, true to my feelings, guiding my work.

The uncertainty about staying in Singapore adds a layer of complexity to my creativity. The chance of external factors moving me around affects what I create. These limits become part of my story, shaping the themes I explore and how I express myself.
I know people are different, shaped by what they know and go through. Even with external limits, I believe my inner freedom is untouched. I see these limits as challenges that push me forward instead of holding me back.
When picking topics and places to discuss, I bring in my situation on purpose. I want to make these limits part of my art, facing challenges directly and using them to move ahead. But, we all start differently, and our freedoms are influenced by what we know, our experiences, and where we were born.


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