The word “Ochra” means “kinda yellow” in Greek

Long ago, artists knew all the cool secrets, but today, they’re a bit fuzzy about what they’re using. Let’s chat about RED OCHRE—it has different names like TERRA RUBRA, SYNOPIS, LIMONITE, GOETHITE, HEMATITE. So, to keep it simple, let’s just call it RED OCHRE, the oldest paint ever.

RED OCHRE is a natural color made of iron mixed with clay. The color goes from light yellow to dark red. Remember, you can find RED OCHRE all over the place, and it’s got 15-50% of something called Fe2O3.

Don’t be fooled! Some say red ochre isn’t natural, but that’s just gossip. It’s totally natural, and the ancient Egyptians knew it.

People have been using ochre forever. Think paintings from over 300,000 years ago! It’s a solid pigment for all kinds of paints. But these days, we often use fake stuff instead of the real deal.

The word “Ochra” means “kinda yellow” in Greek. You find it in soil with lots of iron, and the color can go from yellow to red, brown, or even purple or blue, depending on the dirt. More manganese in the soil makes it browner.

And those fancy color names like “sienna” and “umber”? Just named after places in Italy where they find this stuff. Oh, and watch out for “yellow Neapolitan” – it used to have toxic lead, so we don’t use it anymore. But most ochre shades are harmless for people and the planet. Easy peasy!


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