I picture a process like waving a magic wand

Yesterday’s art exhibition presented the inaugural artworks of first-year students from various Master art programs at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art.

In an ideal world, I picture a process like waving a magic wand. I hope these artworks could exist in a world where there’s more kindness and responsibility towards those in need. The idea of a dragon represents the struggle between doing what’s right and giving in to destruction. For me, a good creative environment should encourage growth and self-reflection rather than reckless behavior.

When it comes to artistic freedom, especially in public spaces, there should be clear rules. Art should be suitable for all ages, like what you’d show to a child. This sets a standard for what’s acceptable in society.

Success, to me, isn’t just about being free to create. It’s also about inspiring and being inspired. We need to nurture creativity while teaching responsibility and discipline. Looking after the well-being of artists is crucial, as good health gives them strength and freedom.

So, I aim to foster discipline in the creative process, without getting too caught up in moralizing. By following logical paths, we can navigate art’s complexities and make a real impact.

Before attending the exhibition, I spent some time visiting museums and sketching works by artists like Titian and Artemisia Gentileschi. It’s fascinating how classical art can transport you to a different emotional space. There’s a certain timeless quality to it that can evoke a sense of awe and contemplation.

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