He will be gone. He belongs to the past

It’s easy for me. I feel at ease next to him. He is my protection. I hide and save myself with him. Sometimes, I struggle to breathe and see very little of the outside world. But with him, I am safe. Weakness and hopelessness are distant. Reality loses its grip. I am facing a very scary and incomprehensible period in my life. I just need to get through this, and his strength and confidence will help me. Let him distract you. Let him be strong.

How eerie and beautiful it is to stand before the unknown, to be a strange creature with an incomprehensible appearance. To be someone who may have no future. There is nothing but the here and now. The deep abyss. Solidity and stone. He was here. He will be gone. He belongs to the past. He will vanish. He is something that briefly flashed by, almost unnoticed. An error. Not frightening. Beautiful. He is like something unearthly beyond the moon. Maybe light and enchanting. I will think about his story and everything about him. Is this how it all works out?

I will need to have surgery. The news is not encouraging. Another month of waiting. My thoughts are empty. But I want to hold the exhibition in a place of peace and tranquility. And I also realized that he needed red gloves, not gold ones.


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