Group critique in class

I had some mixed feelings about the feedback from my colleagues. Initially, I was eager, or rather curious, to hear their opinions, but it ended up feeling somewhat unsettling. The sheer volume and diversity of opinions and works discussed felt overwhelming. It made me think that perhaps the exhibition could benefit from a more tranquil, meditative atmosphere.

Reflecting on the critique, I spent a lot of time in introspection. Each artwork I create is a long process that delves into topics often unclear to me at the outset. It begins with considerations like the size, colors, and composition, almost like sketching out a specific map or blueprint. This process is a continuous dialogue intertwined with my daily life, absorbing the events and information around me.

Recently, I’ve significantly cut back on meetings and external information. Through this, I’ve come to realize the importance of articulating why my creative expression matters to me. Yes, I aim to emotionally engage visitors to the exhibition, but what else am I trying to convey to the world? For now, I believe the answer is sincerity—my true self.

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