“Golden Bough” – Mother Goddess

The original idea was to create a single or a series of artworks dedicated to the Mother Goddess. Initially, I considered stringing these small goddess figurines together into a necklace, like Neolithic Venuses lined up on a single thread. However, I later toyed with the idea of hanging each one on a separate pendant, which didn’t quite resonate with me during the planning and execution of this art piece.

I sculpted the statue to match the dimensions and photographs found in Wikipedia. As I worked with clay, the idea emerged to collage it, and at this stage, I’m leaning towards keeping it as a single piece rather than mass-producing many goddesses. This is because she is already part of a set of nine art pieces: Dragon, Griffin, Phoenix, Sacred Tree, Mask, Books – books, World Creation, Mask, and Flood. Let the Mother Goddess remain solitary.

I collaged her with a cult classic literary monument from China, “Peach Blossom in Golden Vase,” an erotic-realist novel written in vernacular Chinese, famous since 1617. Its creation is attributed to the Mock Literary Jester (real name unknown). It was the first Chinese novel of realistic nature, and notably, it included pornographic episodes. It seemed fitting to collage my Venus with this novel.

The blue color of my Venus symbolizes purity within her. It has mostly worn off her, with just a little remaining on the lower part of her body.


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