“Golden Bough” – Griffin Guarding Gold

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the Griffin, a creature I’ve been envisioning ever since I began delving into its mysterious origins back in December. One intriguing notion is that the Greeks conceptualized the Griffin by examining the fossilized remains of ancient animals, while another curious idea suggests they drew inspiration from historical accounts and stories, including those involving the Amazons. There’s even speculation about demon griffins from ancient Mesopotamia.

One narrative that particularly resonates with me revolves around the sedentary tribes of northern Kazakhstan, as mentioned by Herodotus. These tribes, alongside the Scythians and the Pazyryk people, nomadic horsemen from the Altai Mountain region, inhabited this area from the 6th to the 4th century B.C.

Sadly, the Pazyryk people left no written records, leaving us with scant insight into their thoughts. Nevertheless, their bodies were adorned with tattoos of griffins and other magnificent animal decorations, reflecting a style reminiscent of the Siberian-Scythian animal art tradition.

May my Griffin stand as both an aesthetic marvel and a homage to the legacy of the Pazyryk people, who inhabited a breathtaking landscape and elegantly reflected it in their culture.


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