Fullerton Hotel 2023

Nature of Art, The fullerton hotel, Singapore 2023

Fullerton Gallery presents Inessa Kalabekova’s solo exhibition in Singapore, called “Nature of Art,” from March 1 to March 30, 2023. Here the artist explores the sights and secret corners of Singapore’s parks and gardens, through the medium of painting and collage. Each painting is in a dialogue with the poems of Alice Kalabekova, Inessa’s young daughter, in a process of co-creation.

In the show Inessa looks at the peculiar Singaporean natural context with child-like eyes; bamboo, banana trees, butterflies, leaves, birds, flowers, and water lilies are not just decorative elements, or a backdrop to a peaceful walk. For her, they are animated entities, and each bush or branch can be the hiding place of a mythological creature.

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