From Serpent to Dragon: A Visual Exploration of Transformation

As an artist, I’m fascinated by our exploration of mortality, a journey that has captivated humanity for ages. I’m particularly drawn to the symbolism of snakes and dragons in ancient tales.

Snakes have always held a significant place in our stories, often symbolizing temptation and danger. I want to capture this primal unease in my artwork, connecting it to our deep-seated fears.

Dragons, once feared, have transformed into symbols of wisdom and companionship. I’m tracking this evolution in my art, showing how they’ve become trusted allies rather than foes.

The Ouroboros, symbolizing the cycle of life, inspires me to embrace interconnectedness and move beyond old conflicts.

The number twelve is a recurring motif in my work, symbolizing transformation. In my Golden Brough project, I’m exploring how Serpenter turn into Dragon, symbolizing change and growth through vibrant imagery.



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