Art residency: Ethno-city 2019

“Ethno-city” Dual Exhibition, NPE Art Residency, Singapore, 2019

Concerned with how urbanization with its attendant lifestyle choices continously changes us as individuals and transforms the collective psyche of our world, Nandita Mukand fashions urban materials into organic forms reminiscent of organic growth and decay. Attempting to connect with the experience that she gets from nature, she manipulates material to evoke visceral responses that enables us to question the betweens of the natural and urban. Commenting on the extraordinary Peranakan culture, Inessa K narrates this folklore through the western lens of a curious juvenile. Her magical tales are a reflection of the city’s mish-mash of culture, which is also evident in the multi-language home of Inessa. Her deliberate stir between fictional stories and anthropology also depicts the desires and curiousities beneath the political and material constraints of a transient world.

Ethno-city is an adventure into the temporal voyage of the metropolitan. It is interested in the products of culture, the frictions between differences and the tension between nature and urbanization.


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