Descendants of the Dragon – A Legend. Continuing endeavor involving portrait creation.

A legend created by Alice Kalabekova and documented by Inessa Kalabekova:

Let me uncover the closed book of the secret, unsolved mystery of the parallel world.

This world, not that very different from our very own, is a side-by-side realm where creatures live and thrive. These creatures were not that similar to humans, but they were dragons.

In this society, life is mirrored like our own. There are births and deaths, happiness, and sadness, all with dreams filling the hearts of its inhabitants. The similarities between the two worlds are astonishing, and it was all made possible by a magical connection.

This is how it was all done: Whenever a child was born in our world, a small baby dragon would come into existence in the supernatural world. This connection was beyond human control; it…was pure magic.

One of the times these two worlds could meet was during a special moment, not tied to a specific place, but an action – when the music box played its enchanting melody. However, this extraordinary experience was reserved for a select few, the chosen ones who were descendants of dragons.

These chosen people hold a unique bond with the dragons of the other world, a connection that has passed time and space. They carry the responsibility of maintaining the harmony between the two exceptional realms, ensuring that dragons and humans existed together peacefully so they stay equal.



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