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Art residency: Ethno-city 2019

“Ethno-city” Dual Exhibition, NPE Art Residency, Singapore, 2019 Concerned with how urbanization with its attendant lifestyle choices continously changes us as individuals and transforms the collective psyche of our world, Nandita Mukand fashions urban materials into organic forms reminiscent of organic growth and decay. Attempting to connect with the experience that she gets from nature, she manipulates material to evoke visceral responses that enables us to question the betweens of the natural and urban. Commenting on the extraordinary Peranakan culture, Inessa K narrates this folklore through the western lens of a curious juvenile. Her magical tales are a reflection of the city’s mish-mash of culture, which is also evident in the multi-language home of Inessa. Her deliberate stir between fictional stories and anthropology also depicts the desires and curiousities beneath the political and material constraints of a transient world. Ethno-city is an adventure into the temporal voyage of the metropolitan. It is interested in the products of culture, the frictions between differences and the tension between nature and urbanization.  

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Let me Take You Where The Magic Happens 2018

Of childhood memories and dreams, Let Me Take You To Where The Magic Happens teases out the personal and surreal encounters of Inessa K’s younger years to juxtapose it with the current memory of one’s self. Through impressionistic renderings of hue and the probing of poetic themes surrounding imagination and unconsciousness, she subtly hints that one will always have an inner child that bridges our creative consciousness with our memory. Through superimpositions, collage and cut-up techniques, Inessa maintains the importance of the unconscious while blurring the boundaries between then and now, real and representation, and dreams and reality. The elasticity of time and space as depicted by her manipulation of material and form also mirrors her daughter, a representation of her young self as seen in many paintings. Inspired by her own memories as well as dialogues with her 8 years old daughter, there are no lack of visual narratives that capture the lightness and energy of those memories while celebrating its fleeting impermanence. Frames play an active role in Inessa’s work. As a mediator between the real and fantasy, actual and representation, present and past, the frame blurs the boundaries between these tangents which creates a space for contemplation into the discursive nature of one’s imagination. The intentional framing and unframing of the works question if the work is completed or still a memory in process. Inessa is apparent in celebrating the process, a metaphor for creating memories, of artmaking through the exhibition of her scrapbooks, artmaking materials, inspiration boards and works in progress. The performative exhibition of effervescent and poetic paintings, dances and improvisational music-making hopes to ignite the inner child in you that has infinite dreams and endless joy while letting the magic of nature store its memories when they are completed. Press Release Oct 2018  

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Golden touch: Birth of the Painting 2016

Solo exibition, Exhibition & demonstration, Hotel Vagabond, Singapore 2016 Ever wondered how a painting is born? Attendees had the chance to witness it first-hand on the 24th of August. At 6.30 pm, guests gathered at Hôtel Vagabond for an evening of art and cocktails. The artist Inessa K unveiled the mystery behind creating a work of art and demonstrated her signature gold leaf painting technique, accompanied by Mohd Faizal on the fusion guzheng.  

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