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Interim show: MA Fine Art Digital 2024

Interim show: MA Fine Art Digital, London 2024 “See it. Say it. Unsorted.” presented work from across MA Art and Science, MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies, MA Fine Art, and MA Fine Art Digital. It showcased the diverse range of practices and perspectives of over 100 Year 1 students, midway through their MA programs. […]

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Descendants of the Dragon, a story from the Music Box Museum 2024

Descendants of the Dragon, a story from the Music Box Museum. Dec 2023 – Jan 2024 Inessa Kalabekova’s captivating series of collages and drawings draw inspiration from the ancient Chinese text “Classic of Mountains and Seas,” particularly the enchanting tale of “The Four Dragons.” This body of work, a fusion of drawing, collage, and painting,

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Art residency: 15 dragon spirits 2023

Self-organized residency called “15 dragon spirits” Taiwan, Taipei,  2023 Inessa’s exploration of dragon symbolism and mythology, sparked by her reading of the Classic of Mountains and Seas, took a profound turn during her self-organized residency titled “15 Dragon Spirits” in Taipei during the summer of 2023. This residency served as a pivotal moment in her

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Nature of Art Book Launch 2023

The book, titled “Nature of Art,” featured artworks by Inessa Kalabekova and poems by Alice Kalabekova. Seen thousands of times, the seemingly ordinary sights of Singaporean nature hid stories that were never told. “I loved exploring the nature of the garden city,” shared Inessa. “I enjoyed taking paths less traveled to soak in nature’s visuals,

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ArtWord 2022

ARTWORD PROJECT, Singapore, 2022 The ArtWord Project is a unique initiative that breathes new life into oracle bone scripts through contemporary artworks. In Chinese, ‘ArtWord’ translates to ‘文画,’ signifying the fusion of language and art, where a word is embodied in the drawing, and the picture itself becomes the word. Oracle bone scripts, ancient hieroglyphs

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Slow Art​​ 2020

Solo Exibition, ArtSafe gallery, Singapore, 2020 Inessa curated an exhibition that invites you to indulge in the beauty of deliberate creation. Titled “Slow Art,” this showcase features 26 pieces meticulously crafted over the course of a year. From original paintings to Rembrandt reproductions and Chinese calligraphy by her daughter, each artwork reflects Inessa’s careful process.

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Art residency: Ethno-city 2019

“Ethno-city” Dual Exhibition, NPE Art Residency, Singapore, 2019 Concerned with how urbanization with its attendant lifestyle choices continously changes us as individuals and transforms the collective psyche of our world, Nandita Mukand fashions urban materials into organic forms reminiscent of organic growth and decay. Attempting to connect with the experience that she gets from nature,

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