ArtWord, 2022

ARTWORD PROJECT, Singapore, 2022

The ArtWord Project is a unique initiative that breathes new life into oracle bone scripts through contemporary artworks.

In Chinese, ‘ArtWord’ translates to ‘文画,’ signifying the fusion of language and art, where a word is embodied in the drawing, and the picture itself becomes the word. Oracle bone scripts, ancient hieroglyphs with over 3000 years of uninterrupted history, served as the precursor to modern Chinese scripts, both traditional and simplified.

Embracing the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words,” the ArtWord Project aims to foster an appreciation for ancient civilization by using creative interpretations of these Chinese scripts. Through modern artworks, the project endeavors to raise awareness of the rich history encapsulated in these hieroglyphs and encourages creative learning and their application in the context of our contemporary world.

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