Art as a Path to Personal Growth

Let’s start with the fact that, for me, art and self-improvement are inseparable, reflecting my journey of personal growth. I’ve searched for a theory that encapsulates this fusion into a single word that defines what I do, but I haven’t found one. Why do I need to learn so much? When will my list of self-improvements end? It seems like never.

Yet, I have come closer to understanding why I pursue this: personal realization. It’s reminiscent of Confucius and his Six Arts. Thus, Confucian educational philosophy advocated for the personal engagement in six diverse forms of practical experience as a path towards moral cultivation. Although the Six Arts involved practical skills and training, their primary purpose was the shaping of character to foster reliability.

Even if it sounds somewhat or even very pretentious, let it be so. Art, for me at this moment, is a form of high art that plays a role in civilizing me and cultivating my mind, not merely a creation for visual pleasure and the expression of personal emotion.


Reading Chinese Painting. Beyond Forms and Colours, A Comparative Approach to Art Appreciation by Sophia Suk-mun Law.

An Illustrated Guide to 50 Masterpieces of Chinese Paintings By Huang Kunfeng.

The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods, History, Relevance and Role as Religious Icons by Kin Tae-Gon.

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