Born in Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country once part of the USSR, the artist’s educational journey encompassed not only visual art but also music, dance, and architecture. This diverse education bestowed upon her a synesthetic understanding, enabling her to translate music into visuals and movement, as she perceives all these forms of expression as animated by the same energy source. For the past 18 years, Inessa has considered Singapore her home.

At the age of 25, Inessa left Kazakhstan and began a journey as an artist. The passion for storytelling never left her, and she kept on using her art to re-elaborate and reflect the world as she saw it. Her Kazakh roots slowly mingled with the different cultures, traditions, and experiences she encountered as she travelled around the world. She started seeing herself as an adventuress trailing along historic paths, contributing to cultural encounters, and creating her very own Silk Road.

During her formative years in Kazakhstan, the educational model followed the Russian approach, emphasizing technique over concept. It wasn’t until she pursued her studies at the prestigious art college Central Saint Martins in London that she had the opportunity to delve into the conceptual aspect of her practice. This experience broadened her horizons to various expressive possibilities. Complementing her artistic studies, she further honed her understanding of navigating the art system during her time in Oxford.

In terms of style, her art is characterized by a harmonious and rhythmic interplay between rich colors and diverse materials. These materials include museum brochures, postcards, maps, and musical scores. Within her collages on canvas, one can discern the emergence, resurfacing, and overlapping of trees, branches, animals, people, and imaginary creatures. Each piece unfolds gradually, revealing itself to viewers over time.

Beyond static works, her artistic pursuits extend to performances where she aims to bring classical art, historical narratives, and ancient themes to life on stage. The stage, akin to a canvas in her perspective, becomes a space where the art of collage intricately enriches visuals, costumes, and props, fostering a palpable connection between the past and the present.

Selection of Inessa’s solo and group exhibitions include:

  • “Seven Colors of Laughter: positive art” (Singapore Philatelic Museum (Singapore) & Arena Design Сenter (London, UK)), 2010

  • “Alice In Wonderland, the way I see it”, Vintage (Singapore), 2011

  • “Under Seven Veils: Dance of Art” exhibition and the concert featuring renowned dancer Tamalyn Dallal (Shanghai, China & Singapore), 2011

  • “Creative Singapore”, group exhibition, 2013

  • “How do I love you? Let me count the ways” Make-A-Wish Children & Inessa K Charity Exhibition One East Asia Gallery (Singapore), 2013

  • “Expressions” INSEAD Business School (Singapore), 2013

  • “AFFORDABLE ART FAIR” (Singapore), 2014

  •  Bronze Award at St. Petersburg Art Week (Russia), 2014

  • “AFFORDABLE ART FAIR” (Singapore), 2015

  • “Portraits Extraordinaire” exhibition, featuring portraits of Belly Dancers Extraordinaire, 2015

  • Watercolor exhibition “Tea party” Dome café at Singapore Art Museum, 2016

  • “Golden touch: Birth of the Painting” art exhibition & demonstration,  Hotel Vagabond, 2016

  • “AFFORDABLE ART FAIR” (Singapore), 2016

  • “Let Me Take You to Where the Magic Happens”, Visual Arts Centre, Singapore, 2018

  • “Marathon Of Arts”, IZO Art Gallery, Moscow, 2019

  • “Ethno-city”, Dual Exhibition, NPE Art Residency, Singapore, 2019

  • “Slow Art”, ArtSafe Gallery, Singapore, 2020

  • “Singapore 56th National Day”, Living with Art gallery, Singapore, 2021

  • FAUNA ALLEGORIA Group Show, @63 Upper Gallery, Singapore, 2022

  • “Art Connects Women”, group exhibition, Dubai, UAE, 2022

  • “8th International Art Festival”, Haegeumgang Theme Museum, South Korea, 2022

  • “ArtWord” Group Exhibition, Singapore, Hong Kong, 2022

  • “Nature of Art”, Botanic Gardens, Singapore, 2022

  • “Nature of Art”, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore, 2023

Awards and Art Residency: 

  • Honorable Mention, Palm Art Award, Germany, 2022

  • Special Mention Award, Art Vue Foundation, 2022Special Mention Award

  • Additional Winner, “ALL Water/Seascape”, Contemporary Art Gallery Online, 2020z

  • Honorable Mention, International Art Competition “Waters”, Art Room Gallery, 2020

  • Finalists of Prisma Art Prize international. Rome, Italy, 2020

  • NPE Art Residency, Singapore, 2019

  • Winner. International Competition of Painting “Blue color in paintings” St. Petersburg. Russia, 2018

  • Bronze winner. International Competition of Painting “St. Petersburg Russian Art Week”, 2014

Inessa has been active in participating and contributing to Charities events, namely:

  • “Beauty In Front Of Me” commissioned art work for ACRES Charity Auction at Orchid Country Club, 2011

  • Art works donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation, Charity Golf Tournament & Gala Dinner with Guest of Honor President of Singapore, Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore, 2012

  • Donation of hand-made Artist Bears to Charity Gala Dinner, Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Singapore, 2012

  • Few art works from series “Seven Colors of Laughter” were donated to add colors and happiness to lives of patients, Bright Vision Hospital Art Project, Singapore 2012-2013

  • “From the Land of Owls” commissioned art work for ACRES Charity Auction at Orchid Country Club, 2013

  • “Egyptian Dream” commissioned art work for ACRES Charity Auction at Orchid Country Club, 2014

  • Affordable Art fair – SG50 Feature Wall, 2015

  • Donation of watercolor painting to Charity Gala Dinner, Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Singapore, 2015

  • Art work “Yoshimi” donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation® , Charity Golf Tournament & Gala Dinner, 2016

  • Art work “The Morning guests” donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation® , Charity Golf Tournament & Gala Dinner, 2017

  •  Art work “The song of two whales” commissioned art work for ACRES Charity Auction at Orchid Country Club, 2017ht

  • World Belly Dance Festival 2016 Gala Show & Sian Chay Charity Night Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore 2017

  • Art work “Sweet Lavender Dreams,” donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation® , Charity Golf Tournament & Gala Dinner, 2018 

  • Art work “The Journey” donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation®, Charity Gala Dinner, 2018

  • Art work “The Last Kampong” donated to HAGAR, Charity Gala Dinner, 2019

  • Artworks for “Self-care Journal for our healthcare community”, Be Kind SG, 2021

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