1 to 1 tutorial with Jonathan, May 2024

Friday evening meeting with Jonathan.

I spent the whole day with Lisa, my three-year-old daughter, because her kindergarten was closed for teacher training. We had a full day, visiting children’s playgrounds, Chinese and Indian temples. We were blessed and cleansed, attended church services, and received blessings. Lisa wasn’t too fond of being covered in ashes, but she happily accepted an apple from a Hindu priest. I wanted to make the day as memorable as possible for her.

In the evening, I had a one-on-one meeting with Jonathan. My eldest daughter Alice came over and spent time with Lisa while I had my meeting.

I always find my meetings with Jonathan exciting and nerve-wracking; I prepare and psych myself up because these discussions are crucial for me. We talked about my work and my process. Often, I don’t fully understand my own motivations and choices.

Jonathan asked many questions this time: Why do I choose certain materials? How do I transition from one topic to another? What matters more to me—paintings, art objects, or performances? My answers surprised me too. I realized that to keep my creativity fresh, I need to work with different materials to stay engaged and avoid burnout.

We also delved into the aesthetics of my work, a relatively new concept for me in terms of how I create art. I need to consider what role aesthetics play, what messages they convey, and the symbolism of colors and objects. Our meeting, scheduled for 40 minutes, extended to an hour, with Lisa occasionally knocking on the door, needing my attention.

In a fitting conclusion, Jonathan asked what could hinder my artistic plans. My answer was family responsibilities and a lack of iron in my body.

P.S. I’m also interested in exploring the topic of iron deficiency in women and understanding the scale of this issue. It’s something I need to consider further.

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